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Брнир Дзеркс [1 - 106]

Брнир Дзеркс [1 - 106]
Год выпуска: 2021
Категория: Брнир Дзеркс
Режиссер: Ашот Тер-Матевосян
Страна: Армения


Брнир Дзеркс 1 - 106 серия

Брнир Дзеркс [1 - 106] смотреть онлайн бесплатно в высоком качестве

Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#25 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Гости 20 мая 2022 09:13
David drove Sati to somewhere to express his feelings and propose to her.
For God sake, couldn't you find more irritating and violent music for background and make it louder? 
It is amazing how ALL Armenian serials have no clue what the background music is for and the purpose of it !
I wish there was no music at all except the opening music.

Actually, they are all good, this is an exceptional cast. 
#24 Hersilya Гости 15 апреля 2022 02:33
Syuzan [email protected] shat geqecik kine. Shat lave xaqum mor [email protected] 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#23 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Гости 4 апреля 2022 18:13
Apparently, because Arevik is always collecting her hair on her left shoulder and because her hair is heavy, she is leaning her head on her left shoulder. I guess because of that, she sometimes stretches her mouth to left and she has crooked mouth.   
Haigouhi Azatian
#22 Haigouhi Azatian Гости 4 апреля 2022 16:32
Shat ourax em tzezanic
Алина Серобян
#21 Алина Серобян Гости 4 апреля 2022 00:32
Амен инч шат лав ер минчев эн па[email protected] ,ерб имаца Алаи мор анун@, гоне азнанун часеик чек карцум вор мм кич сипун чи  уриши анун азганун шаhаркел@
#20 Zeze Гости 23 марта 2022 10:29
Mard el eskan miamit Areviki nman? Bolore giten Argamn u @ntanike inch uzum baic iranic 
#19 Ani Гости 14 марта 2022 11:54
What time does the next episode air?
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#18 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Гости 3 марта 2022 22:40
It is becoming boring and annoying.
I can't even tell what today's was about.
Just wait til the end and you can guess the entire serial if it continuous in the same paste.

#17 Zeze Гости 3 марта 2022 19:57
Es kinon inchia esqan dzqdzqvum? Mi normal ban cuc chen talis. Mi lav karevor ban chi linum. 60 serya hle Arsenn u Areve chen imanum vor Argame poxi hamara amusnanum. Shoxel el vreja lucum. Huysov em mi hetakrkir ban ktesnenk
#16 Hersilya Гости 15 февраля 2022 01:55
Lav seriale. Hetakrkire te [email protected] ,aysinkn [email protected] ove,ev inchuen pntrum iren. Shat lav derasanakan kazme. Bolornel shat laven xaqum. Hetakrkire nayvum. Sirovenk spasum hayord seryayin. 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#15 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Гости 2 февраля 2022 01:04
I don't think it is a message to Armenian youth, perhaps to Armenian parents......
It is just part of the script (not common in life) that need to make serial to continue.
But most of the forceful, unpleasant marriages have one goal, MONEY.
This serial is as mysterious and similarly adventurous as "Armatner" serial which was pleasantly watched.
The only thing that is common to all Armenian serials is none adequate music and very loud not to notice.

I am glad that here we have one of the best casts of actors and good script.
We will see.........

Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#14 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Гости 1 февраля 2022 09:31
I think all these killings were done by Argam's father, for money of course.
#13 Yellow Гости 28 января 2022 23:56
  • It's seems like all armenian serials have the same massage.  Living in 21 century however Youth still  being forced to get married and forcefully to be married regardless of their opinion, and emotions just like past  centuries.  Centuries have come and gone but the mentality and mindset of some people does not change!!
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#12 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Гости 26 января 2022 22:23
Sonja/Shake jan,
you are a very pretty woman, don't overdo.
Every time I see 2 bunches of hair thoroughly waxed and located from top of your forehead down to your mouth,
I feel like laughing. 
If it is a fasion, those hair are supposed to be freely falling on your face, not waxed and forced.
You face doesn't need any fasion.
Again, you are a pretty woman, you don't need fake anything that makes your beauty funny.
Forgive me, it is just my opinion.

#11 ԶՀեն Гости 25 января 2022 10:16
լավագույն սերիալներից, սիրում էմ բոլորին ????
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#10 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Гости 11 января 2022 23:59
Guest Anna,
We will know soon.
My guess is that all three set of brothers and sisters that lost their parents, are victims of Argam's father.
But Shake, David will find out soon, maybe at the end (God knows how many series are there).
I don't think they can make any serial as good and pleasant to watch as it was "Khandipenk antari tnakum"

Ter-Matevosian jan,
please, if that is the best you can do with background music,
at least lower the volume that we can hear conversations.
Guest Anna
#9 Guest Anna Гости 7 января 2022 16:05
Why shaki and her brother wants revenge from areveg brother
katya madatyan
#8 katya madatyan Гости 30 декабря 2021 15:32
#7 Hersilya Гости 30 декабря 2021 00:59
Es [email protected] es inch lav tqaya. Bolori [email protected] krakna @nkel. Shat lava xaqum.

katya madatyan
#6 katya madatyan Гости 25 декабря 2021 18:15
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#5 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Гости 16 декабря 2021 08:43
Arevik jan,
minchev hima lav es, bais laceluc kapikutyun mi ara.
Aznvoren lac exir, gone mi katil jur artadri achkericed.
Ba el derasanutyuned ur mnac?
#4 Hersilya Гости 25 ноября 2021 00:42
Es inch sirun tqa darav  [email protected] Areviki baxtna erevi. Areviki [email protected] paylecin.Geqecik zuyg klinen. 
#3 Jen? Гости 22 ноября 2021 09:18
Ameni lavnaa??? 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#2 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Гости 29 октября 2021 15:39
Please, please, please.
Let us hear the conversation by making background music volume low.
Thank you. 
Ժեն ?
#1 Ժեն ? Гости 21 октября 2021 11:03
Պարոն Աշոտ և Սոֆի մենք շատ ուրախ ենք, որ բոլորդ վերադարձաք նոր դրամայի հետ::
Աստված օրհնի ձեզ և պահի ձեզ ապահով և առողջ????