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Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4451 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests Today, 18:51
Anoushikin el uxarkecir, Diana jan, hima Mikai hertn e. Heto ov?
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4450 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 20 May 2022 14:34
Narine can seek revenge for her husband, but her advice to Magda was completely wrong and
because of that Magda (who was probably good in bed only) obnoxiously (not enough she ran over Luci with her car)
visiting the stupidest woman in the world, Arsen's mother.
I am so sorry for Arsen to have parents that he has.
But........the show must go on.....
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4449 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 20 May 2022 09:13
David drove Sati to somewhere to express his feelings and propose to her.
For God sake, couldn't you find more irritating and violent music for background and make it louder? 
It is amazing how ALL Armenian serials have no clue what the background music is for and the purpose of it !
I wish there was no music at all except the opening music.

Actually, they are all good, this is an exceptional cast. 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4448 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 19 May 2022 16:24
Anoushik is handicap but she (or Diana) picked physically healthy but mentally handicapped friends.
And here is another tragedy. Who and what is the next tragedy?
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4447 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 19 May 2022 14:01
It is so funny that Malayan being a smart man had 2 idiot kids, Arthur and Ani.
Every single decision made by Ani and Arthur is disastrous. 
I guess, it is because they always had everything and were always protected.
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4446 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 19 May 2022 06:48
Oh my, inchpes karox e et garsheli ararace lini Sofiai exbaire u Manei haire?
Diana, aveli garsheli mekin sheir karox entrel?

Ռոմեո   և  Ջույլետ
#4445 Ռոմեո և Ջույլետ Guests 19 May 2022 05:30
Ռոմեո և Ջույլետ
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4444 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 18 May 2022 16:34
I don't understand one thing.
Magda volunteered to become Vilen's mistress hopping to destroy his family.
And now, everyone presents her as a victim.
She is a plain whore.
Not enough, she is destroying Mary's and Arsen's love, of course with help of previously kind and
loving sister, but now vicious and nasty.
Luci sounds like Magda, trying to force a man who doesn't love her to go to bed with her.
I know you can rape a woman, but can you force a man to make love? 

Looks like you didn't watch the serial from the beginning.
#4443 Anony Guests 18 May 2022 16:00
I can’t believe Ani doesn’t think about doing one smart thing. Turn on your damn phone and record the conversations between Ashot. 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4442 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 18 May 2022 14:56
Anin knnichi mot er. Inchu chasec vor Ashote iran zangum e u sparnum? Inchu chasec vor Noroin Ashotn e spanel tvel? Papandzvela eli?
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4441 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 17 May 2022 20:30
Oh my, Nare's legs are so crocked and ugly. 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4440 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 17 May 2022 16:26
Ani is like Mariam in "Baxtaber" serial where, because of her, everyone around her either dying 
or getting into some kind of tragedy.
But at the end Ani, Like Meriam, is a winner.

Es seriale joke e.
Ashoti mi xoskic bolorin brnum en, isk Anin toxnum e vor Ashote sharunaki.
Maybe Anin edpesov iran lav e zgum? Inchu Knnichin chi asum Ashoti zangeri masin? Sirum e Ashotin? Maybe.
#4439 Bea Guests 17 May 2022 14:25
Es xexj Aniin inchu ek eskan himar nerkayaznum, es texnikayi darum che karox dzaynagri Ashoti xosakzutyuner kam el amenakaror Ashot vor bolorin spanelov mana galis u voch vok dzain che hanum, himarutyun!!
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4438 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 17 May 2022 11:58
Iskapes, amen mard petk chi vor dznox lini, nuynisk krtvac marde chi haskanum ir zavakin.
2 amis e mnacel avartelun, inchu en dznoxnere characel? Vorovhetev chen sirum irenc zavaknerin.

#4437 Anony Guests 17 May 2022 10:46
Nuyn shorerov qnum en nuyn shorerov el zartnum Alexi @[email protected] :-D
#4436 Ana Guests 16 May 2022 20:56
There is no way Dikran killed himself, this is velen plans
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4435 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 16 May 2022 14:21
Ani is complete idiot. She never tells anyone about Ashot's calls, thinking that she is smart.
In reality, she is plain stupid. And this show goes on thanks to Ani's stupidity.
#4434 Տա-Թեւ Guests 16 May 2022 13:52
Այո , գիտեմ , որ Տիգրանն ու Նելլին ամուսիններ են❤️ Ի դեպ՝ շատ օրինակելի։😊
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4433 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 16 May 2022 12:37
Mari is emotional but has no brains.
After listening to recording where Vilen was telling Annik not to worry, 
Mary should use her little brain and ask "What Annik should worry about?"
But again, this is serial that most of the time does not and should not have logic.
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4432 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 16 May 2022 11:44
Baic Marin lachar e Vileni het, isc Levi u Anniki mot katu e darnum. 
Inchu Vilene chi asum vor Arsene nor imacav, isk Leve u Annike mish gitein u et gorce irenk en arel.
But again, this is serial, it needs to go on based on everyon's lie, listening other's conversation and not telling the truth when it is needed, specially Mary, the biggest liar.
#4431 Silva Guests 16 May 2022 10:54
nrank irakanum amousinner en
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4430 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 13 May 2022 22:36
I think Gor's actor got upset with us, we criticized his nose job too much.
So, he will not come back.
I don't blame him.
we were too rude and mean.
I hope he comes back.
#4429 Ana Guests 13 May 2022 20:04
Omg 174 episode and still no results:; Mari claims she loves her sister but she did her evil thing last minute

Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4428 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 13 May 2022 15:59
Mari jan, partadir e vor hogoc kasheled etkan axmkot lini, vonc vor paravoz. Kexc e.
#4427 Anony Guests 13 May 2022 12:43
Lusin es inch takanq durs ekav. Moric betara. Ham vatutyuna anum qroje hamel honqur honqur lacuma
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4426 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 13 May 2022 00:20
Es Kuke hxi e?
Tesnes erb piti unena?
#4425 Ana Guests 12 May 2022 13:22
Why the police doesn’t verify where all of them were
#4424 Ana Guests 12 May 2022 13:00
Why she didn’t stay at mani house

#4423 Элеонора Guests 11 May 2022 03:58
Уже неприятно смотреть. Тянете кота за яйца ! Фу! 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4422 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 10 May 2022 12:35
Mi hat el petk e "hatuk dasaran" lini anpetk cnoxneri hamar voronk irenc erexaneri kyanke pchacnum en.
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4421 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 10 May 2022 11:37
From all this Xaos at least one good thing came out. 
It is Karen's and Mane's love.
And it is ONLY because they both don't have parents (specially guy's mother) around to mess up their lives.
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4420 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 10 May 2022 10:27
Well, looks like the only way show can go on for longer time because everyone is a liar, specially Mary and Sofa.
Why Carlos didn't tell Arsen why Mary was crying?
Arsen would not go and meet worthless human Mher.
But...........that's the script.
#4419 Zeze Guests 9 May 2022 19:26
Inchpes misht Tikin Sofan bolorin xarnuma irar heto el sran nrana mexadrum….
#4418 Ламара Guests 9 May 2022 14:00
 Мер таги тганер@
Как можно было такой хороший фильм испортить,такие хорошие актори вроде и смысл фильма хороший но зачем надо так его растянуть неужели вам количисто больше интересует чем качество
#4417 Ana Guests 9 May 2022 13:45
Sophi you are evil like aneg
Ордян Ани
#4416 Ордян Ани Guests 9 May 2022 03:58
Амена лав кино

#4415 Аршалуйс Guests 8 May 2022 05:15
Вы даёте дату показа 125 серии 7 мая, но сегодня уже даже в Америке 8 мая, а сериала всё нет. Как это понимать?
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4414 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 6 May 2022 15:12
Nare is turning into a whore.
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4413 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 6 May 2022 13:55
Mary is an idiot as always. Why is she crying as always for no reason? She deserves everything that comes to her.

The only criminal, liar and dishonest is Lev.
He was ready to sell Lusi to Senj (Arsen) and to enjoy Marie's father's funeral money.
Why Senj was good for Luci, but not good for Mary?
The only reason is that Lev is a lair, and he will scarify Mary for Luci.
And stupid as always Mary was sure that HOPAR Levon loves her.

#4412 Բելլլլ Guests 5 May 2022 02:39
Տիկին Նելլին կատարյալ է❤️ Չափազանց բնական խաղ… ԲՌԱՎՈ👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
#4411 Ans Guests 4 May 2022 12:01
Narie you are like double agent, are you kidding me? Your husband is criminal and you love him? You forgot love of your life that easy ?
#4410 Ana Guests 4 May 2022 11:45
Lucie Arsen doesn’t love you get it through your thick head
#4409 Алла Guests 3 May 2022 11:15
Луси, ты страшный человек! Подлая, завистливая, эгоистичная, а прикидывалась невинной овечкой. Где твоя девичья гордость, чувство собственного достоинства, порядочноcть? Ты забыла, что ты армянка, в тебе не осталось ничего от гордости армян. Как могла прийти тебе в голову мысль явиться на дачу к парню, которому на тебя наплевать и который безумно любит твою, вроде любимую, сестру? Ты настоящая дрянь, очень похожая на свою мать, которая более двадцати лет получала большие деньги от бабушки Мари и постоянно намекала, что делает одолжение Мари, что позволяет ей жить в своей семье. Обе вы настоящие хамки, по-другому вас охарактеризовать не получается при всём моём желании.

#4408 Լուսինէ Guests 2 May 2022 16:18
Ընկեր Արամյանն ու Ռոբերտ Կարենիչը ծիտ զույգ եեեենն❤️🤩
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4407 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 1 May 2022 15:58
He got bribe from Ashot.
#4406 Alla Guests 1 May 2022 13:48
Hastat esel em ayd karciqin u iranc shat em sirumm 
#4405 Ana Guests 1 May 2022 13:00
I knew it , katchadoryan is going against magich , he is working with ashod to get rid of ani’s dad
#4404 Տա-Թեւ Guests 1 May 2022 07:24
Դե կտեսնեք , որ Արամյանն ու Ռոբերտ Կարենիչը սիրահարվելու են իրար❤️
#4403 Hersilya Guests 30 April 2022 06:37
Lav filme. [email protected] verjne. Es inch lava xaqum. Sirov nayumenk

#4402 Ashot Guests 30 April 2022 04:21
Es seriali [email protected] ova, [email protected] Lyovayi het mek dukova xosum, mek duyov, kamel [email protected] irenc deri [email protected] lav chen @nkalum!
#4401 Ana Guests 29 April 2022 15:55
We are going in circles come on people
#4400 Նանո Guests 29 April 2022 15:11
Վերջապես բժիշկն ու տնօրենը կհանդիպեեեն ու կսիրահարվեն❤️❤️❤️ Անհամբերությամբ սպասում եմ։
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4399 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 29 April 2022 14:05
Երկուսով սերիալ,
I think Sash maybe stole the money to blame the special class, to get them out of school.
Abel thinks it could be his friend who came to school to see Abel.

Sash leaves in fancy house, but we never see his parents.
They just give him money and let him go wild, crazy.
Гость Сусанна
#4398 Гость Сусанна Guests 29 April 2022 12:14
Чем дальше напоминает индийские фильмы,уже честно напрягает,,,,режиссёр заиграла и тек до нового года снимать будет в итоге Сенч останется с Мари,Луйс найдёт свою половину,все все узнают и простить...😂😂😂современная армянские фильмы породия Индии только без драк😂😂😂
#4397 Всего Guests 29 April 2022 05:26
Guest Anna
#4396 Guest Anna Guests 29 April 2022 04:25
Barev Dzez
Shabat ory 17:00 in
#4395 Ani Guests 28 April 2022 22:04
Բարև ձեզ կասեք ռրբ կլինի գործնական առաջարկ դորամայի հաջորդ սերիան
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4394 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 28 April 2022 14:39
Oh my, Ani, the stupidest person, is demanding explanations from her father !
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4393 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 28 April 2022 13:52
Looks like Sona's actress had nose job, that is why she had an accident. She should stop enlarging her 
lips, they are crooked and look like balloons. 
Generally, script is becoming boring and meaningless with bad actors playing. Specially, Lilit.
She always plays silly and not natural. Most of the actresses are concentrated on their hair, pulling up and down, back and forward, just to touch their hair.
They should concentrate on the play. 
Well, we have got what we have got, unfortunately.
It is getting worse. It is time to finish this meaningless, unprofessional serial.
#4392 Гор Guests 28 April 2022 12:09
Сона нос оперировала ?😂😂
#4391 GarikArustamyan Visitors 27 April 2022 23:49
Syuzn Gevondyan jan, 
Ete hatuk patvireir voch mek varsavir cher karox aveli tgex, ankap u cicaxeli sanrvack aner kez hamarsite
Bravo !!!!
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4390 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 27 April 2022 19:48
Looks like only Karen had a right question to Luci, how did she know the address of the house where Arsen was.
But, like always, Mary is stupid. She couldn't ask herself how the address and the key from house happen to be in Luci's friend's hands. Sure, she has to be stupid always and has to come to hospital exactly at the moment when Luci was molesting Arsen.
How else can this serial be continued? 

It's amazing how some women (usually boy's mothers) act as if she loves her son, madam Sofi, and yet think about
setting up Arsen and Luci again, while he is still in hospital and in a not so good condition.
Kesurs are always amazing, because they treat their sons as their personal property and decide
who their son should have a sex with, whether he likes it or not.
Guest Anna
#4389 Guest Anna Guests 27 April 2022 05:48
Гость Nana,
cavoq inch sarqov ditum eq hnacel e porceq ayl sarqov
Гость Nana
#4388 Гость Nana Guests 26 April 2022 19:34
Vochmi vidyo chi bacum🤔
#4387 Ana Guests 26 April 2022 12:55
Haha !!! How did Sophia remembered the girl she saw from distance with orange hair? Really producer or director ? Do something that every one believes . You guys are copying from other serial
Երկուսով սերիալ
#4386 Երկուսով սերիալ Guests 26 April 2022 12:47
Կարծում եմ Սաշն ա Նանեին վթարի ենթարկել։
#4385 Нуне Guests 25 April 2022 14:38
Эс Айке инч андур у антаханд гядайа
#4384 GarikArustamyan Visitors 25 April 2022 07:28
Erb linelu nor serian?
Гость Anahit
#4383 Гость Anahit Guests 24 April 2022 16:14
Շատտտ լավն եք բոլորտ 
Ամենա լավն եք💋💋💋
Երկուսով սերիալ
#4382 Երկուսով սերիալ Guests 24 April 2022 07:29
  1. Շաաաա՜տ նմանացնում եմ «Վերջին ուսուցիչը» ֆիլմին։
  2. Շատ հավանում եմ դերասաններին, բացի Տիգրան Ներսիսյանից։ Մի տեսակ արհեստական ա խաղում, թատրոնում եմ էլ իր խաղը չեմ սիրում, բայց Նելլին հրաշալի է խաղում ցանկացած դեր։
#4381 Katya Guests 23 April 2022 02:37
Inc derel vor tanen meka irar het misht nayvum en...😻❤❤❤
#4380 Ana Guests 22 April 2022 22:14
Lucie you are worst than your mom

Omg you are copying satin hagarag , get your own story line
#4379 апо Guests 22 April 2022 13:32
Все ок отлични серял
#4378 Ana Guests 22 April 2022 12:56
I want to know what does Gor do ? Does he work?
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4377 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 22 April 2022 11:20
Lilite et sev glxashorov vonc vor vracaksn taxumneri varcvac lacox lini. Inch himar ban e arel u tgex.
Lilit is jiru besitsya.

Sona jan, nerkevid proshe kaxvel e minchev kzaked, shat tgex e.
#4376 Միլ Guests 22 April 2022 10:03
Բեկորների Կարենն ու Մայան… վերջապես հանդիպեցին էս սերիալում։❤️❤️❤️
#4375 Nata Guests 22 April 2022 03:12
Iskakanic vor chka ayd mardy bayc karcem txan asac vor gorcuxmane te inch vor tenc miban 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4374 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 21 April 2022 16:59
Alice jan, you are a very good-looking woman and you have always been wearing your hare beautifully.
I don't understand why on your brother's wedding you have decided your hair should look the ugliest and tasteless.
Long horse tail on your face.

#4373 Vilena Guests 21 April 2022 13:14
Mi harc unem En Bjshkin inchu cuyc chen talis? Kareni hory🧐
hapciki kino.
#4372 hapciki kino. Guests 21 April 2022 06:41
hapciki kinon ypa hn patacxaneq.
ypen kopel cepiannepe.
#4371 ypen kopel cepiannepe. Guests 21 April 2022 06:38
ypen harciki-apciki kinoi cepiannepe.
Guest Сусанна
#4370 Guest Сусанна Guests 21 April 2022 00:06
Спасибо большое за фильм. 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4369 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 20 April 2022 14:45
If tikin Annig is a gready, jealous and mean person, tikin Sofa is mentally sick and 
she should be kept on special diet and in special cage for gorillas:
no food, no water, no money and specially, no right to speak her crazy opinion.
In the meantime, don't let Mary to stay even one minute without crying.

I hope Mary doesn't have constipation, 
she would cry over that too.
Ան Նա
#4368 Ան Նա Guests 20 April 2022 13:53
Տնօրենի ու Մարկոսյանի խոսակցությունը վերջն էր😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Ինչքան ծիծաղեցի… լավ էին խաղում👍🏻❤️🎬
#4367 Ася Guests 20 April 2022 13:41
Нуне джан амен ор грум ем гитен те глхи ченк  ьнкни,байц чен ел кардум вор схалнерь уххен😂😂😂😂👍
#4366 Zeze Guests 20 April 2022 00:55
Guest Elizabeth Kademian,
I was thinking exactly same thing. 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4365 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 19 April 2022 18:54
Гость Anna,
Olyan el endanur armamb lav e matucum ir dere, baic shat vat e...... ibrev te lac e linum.
Srank bolore nor derasanner en vor der chgiten iskakan xaxale inche . Vochinch, ksovoren.....maybe.
#4364 Нуне Guests 19 April 2022 15:41
Эс Арсени мазере эс инч эт у арач эк нкараанел🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
#4363 Ася Guests 19 April 2022 14:50
Дзер ен арнум арден  Тань мазерь ктрац ер минчев хасан кафе ачецин
#4362 Lili Guests 19 April 2022 12:33
բարև ձեզ, հնարավոր է նայել աջարաբեթի թողարկոմը ուղիղ կապով? չեմ գտնում Արմենիա TV ուղիղ հեռարձակման էջը
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4361 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 19 April 2022 09:29
Looks like Gor is not coming back, he got an offer for another serial, or he is having his nose redone.
Lucky Alex. Mane is now available. 
#4360 Zeze Guests 19 April 2022 08:10
Guest Elizabeth Kademian,
 Kinon sksac lacela michev hima lacuma u hle michev verji seria klaci 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4359 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 18 April 2022 16:31
Lusin mor vra gorac, Marin inghu e lacum? Noxkali e. 
Just because you can cry any time, doesnt mean you should be annoying and unpleasant.
Your character is now negative.
Гость Anna
#4358 Гость Anna Guests 18 April 2022 15:48
Խնդրում եմ ուշադիր նայեք, ու տեսեք Նանե արդեն քանի անգամ է ոտքերը շարժում է, պարզ երևում է, բայց ընդհանուր արմամբ լավ է մատուցում իր դերը։
#4357 Нуне Guests 18 April 2022 15:17
Эндкакан кинон сксвееееец,я найду,я отамщу ,туда сюда,чудон кпрки,вай вай вай,дебилутюн

Инч згацмунки масинс хоске,инчкан имар майрер эн фуууу
#4356 Միլենա Guests 18 April 2022 14:58
Նելլի Խերանյանը միշտ իր բարձունքում է։😍❤️Ընտիր։ Թե՜ ինքը , թե՜ իր խաղը անզուգական են։ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
#4355 Ruzanna Guests 18 April 2022 08:19
Neli Kheranyan inc siruna gexeckuhi hayuhi ir amusnunelem shat sirum hrashq zuyger en Astvac dzez pahapan sireliners🙏🏻❤❤
#4354 Մ Guests 16 April 2022 17:57
Ակնոցը ի՞նչ ա ձեզ խանգարում , մանավանդ , որ դրանք կերպարային են , ու դիտմամբ են կրում։ 🙄😐
#4353 Jane Guests 16 April 2022 12:05
Эта Нина, как снежная королева 
#4352 Melania Guests 16 April 2022 11:58
Aramyanin u Karapetyanin aseq et aknocnery tox hanenn
#4351 Ася Guests 15 April 2022 13:13
Сенчи мазерь ачецин эли
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4350 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 15 April 2022 12:10
Is the baby following the latest crazy women's fashion?
Wearing his hair over his eyes? 
Stop it ! 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4349 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 15 April 2022 11:43
Oops, Marin menak dran mot lseluc patrast e lacelu. Arcunkneri toprake misht patrast. 
Es derasanuhin bolor serialnerum el lackan e, texin kam voch texin. 
It's annoying!
#4348 Hersilya Guests 15 April 2022 02:33
Syuzan [email protected] shat geqecik kine. Shat lave xaqum mor [email protected] 
#4347 Nane Guests 14 April 2022 21:30
Majramik jan Esinchkan Lav es xaroem Ko Dere.
Hamov balik es.
Shaaat Lav film e Menak te Apsos vor amen or choejch chek talis.
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4346 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 14 April 2022 18:40
She is not sacrificing, she is getting next husband.
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4345 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 13 April 2022 14:50
Arman is her brother.

Animast, datark seria, en el 20 rope. 
Guest Emma
#4344 Guest Emma Guests 12 April 2022 12:27
Tapkin Apusha
#4343 Ana Guests 11 April 2022 22:14
Come on people why Nari is the one always she has to sacrifices ? This is not fare ! No one knows what Gor does for living 
#4342 Ana Guests 11 April 2022 19:08
Omg now we are going to 200 episode 
#4341 Armine Guests 11 April 2022 12:50
Եվրոպայում միայն Հ1 է ցուցադրվում,ոնց անենք որ Հայկական մյուս ալիքներն էլ ունենանք՞։
#4340 Аршалуйс Guests 11 April 2022 10:01
Aba, Не дай бог иметь такую маму как Аник! У тебя вроде нормальная дочка. Что свет сошёлся клином на Арсене? Почему Аник так боится, что дочь никто другой замуж не возьмёт? Расскажи дочери правду. Луси же знает, что у Мари давно роман с Арсеном и не она перебежала ей дорогу, а Луси  заключила "договор"  c его матерью Софой. Как надо себя не уважать, чтобы так вешаться на шею парня, заставлять жениться на себе? Луси прекрасно чувствует, что Арсен равнодушен к ней и продолжает бегать в его дом по первому звонку тикин Софы. Забыла пословицу "насильно мил не будешь"?
#4339 Ashot Guests 9 April 2022 03:01
Joxovurd, bayc inch hetakrkir u tarorinak andznavorutyunen kanayk. [email protected] verabervuma Magdayin, erb vor [email protected] ankoxiner mtnum Vileni het et jamanak [email protected] hasun ev [email protected] glxin kina exel, es huys unem vor @tencer u voch mekel iran shantajov u vaxecnelov da nran chi stipel, vor gna et kaylin, na nuynisk giter vor [email protected] @ntanik uni. Nuynnel verabervuma erexayic azatvelu kaylin, ete knoj mtkin da chlini, ashxarum ovel vor lini, nran chi karox drdi ayd kaylin. Es sa chem asum nra hamar, vor ardaracnem Vilenin, [email protected] nuynpes shat sxalnera arel ays paragayum. Mi urax banel, vor Narinen varjapes etkan tarineric heto poxec [email protected], hetakrkira, te es shalvarov kani tari yola ktani!
#4338 Ana Guests 8 April 2022 23:19
Now we know for sure luci is Anig daughter she is evil like her mom
Arto Asatryan
#4337 Arto Asatryan Guests 8 April 2022 12:03
Nell jan es qezi mishd shad em sire xelrem [email protected] qezi hamar siruns shad kuzei qezi tesnei apsos shut chem handibel qezi shad apsos janid mernim gyozal jan🔥🖤🖤🖤🖤
#4336 Մ.Դ. Guests 8 April 2022 06:53
Իսկ դուք գիտեի՞ք , որ Նելլի Խերանյանը «Ճերմակ անուրջներ» - ի Լիլոն է։ 🥰🤍☺️
Lav txa
#4335 Lav txa Guests 7 April 2022 16:26
Ova Ashoti derkatar? 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4334 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 7 April 2022 13:41
Looks like Narek could be Makar's son.
#4333 Дина Guests 7 April 2022 03:53
Es inch zzveli serial darcav, arden nervaynacnuma. Сколько уже можно ?!! 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4332 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 6 April 2022 17:03
Just like all Diana G.'s, this one is about criminals, immoral and disgusting people. 
What a zzvely script. I feel sorry for actors, most of them unpleasant, like Daniel, his former wife, his mother,
Mika's actor, most unpleasant and untalented "actor, or singer".
What a disgusting serial, typical of Diana's so called "talent".    
#4331 Hersilya Guests 6 April 2022 07:58
Shat lav filme. Lav derasanakan kazm,manavand eritasard [email protected] shat laven xaqum.
#4330 Ana Guests 5 April 2022 21:38
Mani it is your fault letting Arman in your life. Gor was right you give him chance to talk to you.
#4329 Ana Guests 5 April 2022 20:55
narie. Do you know what you want? Every minute you want someone different. Did you talk to Daniel and ask him why he wasn’t answering his phone? Daniel did you check your phone to see how many times she called ? People grow up 
Haigouhi Azatian
#4328 Haigouhi Azatian Guests 5 April 2022 17:09
Ay zzzzzzzzzvanq derasanner ha

Es inch e vad der  es danoum, zzzzzzzzvanq

vay shat sxal e vor dou nra haytn es

Qeznic inch lav hayr

Haigouhi Azatian
#4327 Haigouhi Azatian Guests 5 April 2022 16:27
Qo arace shad  sxal e, shat sxal e erel

Inchou es soud  xosoum, ha
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4326 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 5 April 2022 14:41
Ashote inchu e misht ororvum, kangnatz te nstatz, misht ororvum e.
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4325 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 5 April 2022 11:28
At this time, we had the new series posted. Why are they delaying now? 
#4324 Hersilya Guests 5 April 2022 03:51
Vay es Marin arden zzvacnuma. Shaten erkaracnum,animast filma. Arden el chi nayvum. [email protected] nuynna.
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4323 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 4 April 2022 18:54
Xexch Narek, astvac giti Dianan der kani papa piti kez hamar gtni. 
Verjum parzvelu e vor Makari txan e. 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4322 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 4 April 2022 18:13
Apparently, because Arevik is always collecting her hair on her left shoulder and because her hair is heavy, she is leaning her head on her left shoulder. I guess because of that, she sometimes stretches her mouth to left and she has crooked mouth.   
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4321 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 4 April 2022 18:07
It is becoming boring and annoying. 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4320 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 4 April 2022 18:01
Why they present Lyuci as complete idiot?

How long Mher and his mistress plan to be freeloader?
For the rest of their lives?

Durak Lyuci, gites vor Senche Arsenn e. Uxexed der chi ashxatum? Dra hamar el papaid poxern en petk?
Haigouhi Azatian
#4319 Haigouhi Azatian Guests 4 April 2022 16:32
Shat ourax em tzezanic
Haigouhi Azatian
#4318 Haigouhi Azatian Guests 4 April 2022 16:21
Es shaf ourax em tzezanic

Vay himarner aysinch eq anoum
Haigouhi Azatian
#4317 Haigouhi Azatian Guests 4 April 2022 16:15
Es tzer sayde havneci

Vay dra inch sxal zzzzzzveli baner es anoum, soud xosalov
#4316 jen Guests 4 April 2022 14:53
Bolorevin laven xaxum👏👍💕♥️💙🧡
#4315 Саша Guests 4 April 2022 11:27
  • Классный фильм 
#4314 Ashot Guests 4 April 2022 06:47
Гость Anna,
Barev Anna jan, baci erekoyan zgestic urish hagust chka? Ete dzer tramabanutyamb sharjvenk( vor [email protected] seriali het kap chuni), uremn [email protected] nuyn hajoxutyamb karoxen @ndhanrapes merk nkarahanvel, amenayn dzes barik!
Алина Серобян
#4313 Алина Серобян Guests 4 April 2022 00:32
Амен инч шат лав ер минчев эн па[email protected] ,ерб имаца Алаи мор анун@, гоне азнанун часеик чек карцум вор мм кич сипун чи  уриши анун азганун шаhаркел@
#4312 Оод Guests 2 April 2022 11:21
Когда будут серии новые?!!
#4311 Нуне Guests 2 April 2022 11:17
Инч капикутюн эк анум англеренов эк грум айерен грек бан аскананк,ес франсерен эм асканум менак
#4310 Астхик Guests 2 April 2022 09:56
А почему 73 серии нет? 
#4309 Jennifer Guests 2 April 2022 01:46
Hoyagap , geyesg 👍👏💕🇦🇲🇦🇲📗📆🖇📚📌👨‍🏫📍📕
#4308 Katrin Guests 2 April 2022 00:26
Bjishky hastst siraharvelu e Aramyanin❤🔥
#4307 Ashot Guests 1 April 2022 23:49
Hetakrkira [email protected] verjacav, te nkarahanman byudjei [email protected]?
#4306 Xxx Guests 1 April 2022 21:56
Nellin shat lavna,manq bolors al sirom anq iran.Bayts mi morataq erexanerin inch hoyakap an xaxom,hrashali ertasardnar an,amen maka yorovi a xaxom ,shat apraq manq hpartanom anq zazanov apraq shat lav aq katarom zar dar ev shat hajoykov anq nayom  ays serial.Shnorakalotyon Ani Maxaqyanin vor aysqan lav ev bovandakalit ,dasterakchakan serialnar a grom.amen or spasom anq anhampar ayet seriali totadromin.shnorakalotyn🌹🌝
#4305 Zara Guests 1 April 2022 21:43
When it will be ready 
#4304 Ana Guests 1 April 2022 18:29
Agnes you are heartless and evil , never think about luci . You are lying to your daughter and poisoning her with lies . Wake up Agnes. Lucie is so brainless 
Nellie A
#4303 Nellie A Guests 1 April 2022 18:09
Can you bring Gore back, and finish this serial with beautiful ending
#4302 Noon Guests 1 April 2022 16:29
Լավն է շատ👍♥️

Իրոք որ Նելլի Խերանյանը շաա՜տ կանացի է։ ♥️ Միշտ հիացել եմ նրա կին տեսակով։ ♥️😍😍😍
#4301 Нуне Guests 1 April 2022 15:57
Чдарцнек эли ердум сериали нман эшутюн чнайац эти Дианана тенц эл пити линер хндрум эм
Гость Noro
#4300 Гость Noro Guests 1 April 2022 03:51
Neli Kheranyan jan cavdd tanem shat kanacies hrashali derasanuhi sirumem qez shat misht kuzem tesnem ekrannerin 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4299 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 1 April 2022 00:48
I don't think it is done, because it makes no sense.
Maybe they have a problem with cast or don't know how to continue after they killed Levon.
We will see next Monday. 
#4298 Aba Guests 31 March 2022 20:26
Anig you are evil, tell luci the truth 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4297 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 31 March 2022 17:20
Inchu zvuke eskan vat e?
#4296 Lil Guests 31 March 2022 14:59
Bolore paxan
Гость Anna
#4295 Гость Anna Guests 31 March 2022 12:46
Anike es vonc djbaxtacrec axjkan.amena mec nexavore Anikn e!!!

Baic inchov het gar vecherni platyaov??kam ed jnsi vra grac er 15 tarva??shorere inch kap uni??um inch harmar e hagnum en ,ho cucadrakan srha chi?karevore lav en xaxum.
#4294 Natalie Guests 31 March 2022 12:15
Նելլի Խերանյանը մեր տան սպասված
«հյուրն» է ❤️ Շատ ենք սիրում😍❤️ Ախր շատ լավն էէէէէ։👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Guest Elen,
Ed [email protected] @nkel en Tikin Aramyani hetevic😂 chimanalov vor , en myus usucichnern en [email protected] , voch te [email protected]

Լավ սերիալ է ինչ-որ տեղ նաեւ հումորային , ու դեռեւս մի քիչ դետեկտիվ կա մեջը👍🏻🎬
#4293 Հյուր Guests 31 March 2022 10:43
Նելլի Խերանյանս լրիվ ուրիշ է❤❤❤🌺🌺🌹🌹
#4292 Lucy Guests 31 March 2022 09:38
Is the serial done no more episodes?
#4291 Dinula Guests 31 March 2022 06:35
Ajspisi verch?
Animast verchachav oeremn.

#4290 MMM Guests 31 March 2022 03:54

Verjacela serialy??? Es erb uzum cuyc eq talis, erb hognum eq, cheq cuyc talis, normala da??? Anshnorhqutyun verin astichan, aylevs chem nayelu
Guest Elen
#4289 Guest Elen Guests 31 March 2022 03:11
Tikin Aramyan jan du hrashqess menak et debilneri vra shat chjxaynanas vor etpisi banen arel
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4288 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 30 March 2022 17:03
Mary has to be always an idiot in order to continue the serial. She is telling her brother about Haik,
but she is not telling Mher that Haik is his friend only to get closer to Mary. 
Mary is always an idiot.
#4287 Naira Guests 30 March 2022 14:45
#4286 Ana Guests 30 March 2022 12:56
Anig you are the reason for all of this
#4285 Միլ Guests 30 March 2022 12:49
Նելլի Խերանյանը ծիտ աաա❤️ Իր տարիքի համեմատ շատ լավ տեսք ունի։👍🏻😍😍👍🏻
#4284 Dinula Guests 30 March 2022 01:17
Mtom ban ek choejch talis Mekel chek kchoem 101ord episode.
#4283 Անի Guests 29 March 2022 22:32
Ապրեք շատ,լիքը գովազդ նայեցինք,ուր մտնում էս աջարաբեթ զզվեցինք արդեն
#4282 Karo Guests 29 March 2022 15:44
Es Nellin qani gnum jahelanume 🤩🖤
#4281 Հյուր Guests 29 March 2022 12:31
Շատ հետաքրքիր է, ու շատ լավն է❤❤❤👏👏👏
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4280 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 29 March 2022 10:19
Daniele srika e.
He sleeps with Mariana, running to his daughter every time Mariana calls him and yet he wants 
Nare to be with him all the time, the time that is left after he spends with Daniella.
He is a podlec, Nare will be next to him all the time while he will be with Mariana most of the time,
he gets the call that Daniella wants to see her daddy. 
I wonder when he has a kid with Nare and both are sick, who's side he will take, which kid he will prefer.
I am sure Danilla's side with help of Lola.
Lola is the most negative character here, that woman is just there to create problems for everyone,
to destroy all who does not obey her.
Mika is the most worthless human being, lousy actor, terrible and unpleasant singer and durak character all together.
#4279 Hersilya Guests 29 March 2022 07:05
Lika [email protected] inch geqecik kine  ev mor dernel shat lave xaqum.
#4278 Adrineh Guests 29 March 2022 05:32
Inshoo hayeren chi tarkmanvoom?  
#4277 Ana Guests 28 March 2022 08:29
Alex you are idiot you can love poor girl and your sister can’t? Give me a break. Get married and stay away from mani 
Guest Suzanna
#4276 Guest Suzanna Guests 26 March 2022 10:40
amot qez Nandini hazar amotttttt amote amoot  urish i sere xlecir 
#4275 Ани Guests 26 March 2022 07:07
Уже работает можете смотреть
Guest Anna
#4274 Guest Anna Guests 26 March 2022 05:23
Նելլի Խերանյանի համար եմ նայելու❤️❤️❤️😍
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4273 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 25 March 2022 19:42
Es im commentnere urishi anunov en drvac, isk urishi himarutyunnere im anvan tak.
It must be a screwed-up site.
#4272 Сус Guests 25 March 2022 13:14
Ес ми шабата Арсене мекенайи меча 
#4271 Эдгар Guests 24 March 2022 22:40
и как смотреть?
#4270 Zeze Guests 24 March 2022 19:00
Ashotin satkacrek bolor problemnere kancni 
#4269 Ana Guests 24 March 2022 15:11
Nari you are so stupid, if you love Daniel which I am not sure you do , tell him what Ariana told you. 
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4268 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 24 March 2022 11:12
Anin karces te mist mrsum e, her nose is always red, like Rudolf the reindeer. 
#4267 Ashot Guests 24 March 2022 04:39
Barev joxovurd, es Narinen 15 tari anc eli vor jinsov gnaceler Germania, nuynovel het ekav Hayastan, isk harust [email protected] bolor serianerum nuyn verarkuyov nkarahanvuma, mi guce da Hayastanum harustneri mot modaya!
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4266 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 23 March 2022 15:27
Gagik jan, kez ov asec edpisi ban. Voch vok edpes chi mtacum. 
Amote um eir uxxel, dorogoy Gagik?

Ayo, Naren petk e debil lini vor seriale sharunakvi.
Ba !!!!
#4265 Саида Guests 23 March 2022 13:55
Здравствуйте, подскажите кто в роли Влада?
#4264 Валентина Guests 23 March 2022 13:31
А где голос с утра до вечера ждём выход серии и вот тебе рас нет озвучки
#4263 Lili Guests 23 March 2022 12:06
Mard piti anhogs lini, vor srants anverch sirayin [email protected] lsi. [email protected] petq cher esqan dzqel.
#4262 Ana Guests 23 March 2022 11:37
Vay Anig get a life 
#4261 Zeze Guests 23 March 2022 10:29
Mard el eskan miamit Areviki nman? Bolore giten Argamn u @ntanike inch uzum baic iranic 
#4260 Нуне Guests 22 March 2022 16:28
Эс сериали дебилутюннэла сксвум арден Мариин уриш тху эт пити саркен вор Арсене тесни ээээээ эшутюн ми арек эли тохек авеесов наенк
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4259 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 22 March 2022 12:01
Haskacank vor Lusin shat bari e, baic aidkan miamit e vor naev himar e?
Arden Senchin misht maire asum e Arsen.
Lusin mek or che mtacec vot Mariin asi "kuro, gites Senchi anune naev Arsen e, ko Arseni pes"?
Mi kich shat en Lusiin duraki pes nerkayacnum.
#4258 GarikSephanyan Visitors 22 March 2022 07:25
paterazmum enkernere miasin krvum en tshnamu dem,
isk tane irar tshnami en darnum tshnamuc aveli vat.
Erevi Alexe petk e amen kerp Gorin takcni vor ir molucke bavarari.
Kani vor vorpes harusti erexa na paterazmic azatvec, baic tane turkic aveli vate petk e lini.
Sa haikakan scenarn e bolor serialnerum vortex paterazmi anvan tak noric u noric cuic en talic hai iskakan demke. 
Mer taxi txerqy
#4257 GarikSephanyan Visitors 22 March 2022 07:22
Yete mege turkyaum a dznvel da chi nshanakum na turk e.. aydbisov el angraged martik barsgasdan dznvog hayerin barsik en anvanum yev anhargum. Mikich gardasek ban sovorek. Amota!!!!!*-->*
#4256 Ася Guests 21 March 2022 15:57
Чишта,греци это асец татев ,ТЕНАНК ЭЛИ ИНЧ КЛИНИ
Guest Elizabeth Kademian
#4255 Guest Elizabeth Kademian Guests 21 March 2022 11:24
Ete Daniele orva mec mase, miguce dishernern el piti lini ir erexai mot (erexai mairn u tatike aidpes el kanen),
Naren erb piti siri Danielic mnacace (left over)?
#4254 mxmsmzmd Visitors 21 March 2022 05:04
տո այ անգրագետ
#4253 AnushVardanyan Visitors 20 March 2022 21:29
Ninan misht krynknerove, ibrec harusti Kin te .......inch asem chgitem uxaki datarkutyunice kam axqat mtacelakerp

vladi [email protected] asuma erek em ekel, bayc @nkeruhin koperin asumer es 4 ora zangum em chi patasxanum

Aniin senc tgex mi qsvacreq eli inqy ahavor siruna

Anavart Chanapn aveli hetakrkirer

#4252 SIRUSH_MARGARYAN Visitors 20 March 2022 21:10
Bravoooo, 👏   Shat aprek.

Ete henc filmi arachin ropenneric demqit jpit e galis ev hachuyqov, mec hetaqrqrutyamb sksum es ditel, uremn [email protected] hajoxvac e!!!
Dzer [email protected] henc aydpisin e!!!

Shnorhakal enq bolorit.  

Inch lav e , vor duq kak mer kyanqum. Jermacnum ek, huys ek talis ev jpit!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
siro hasak
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